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Rainforest-Help Appeal

All 4 of New Zealand's frogs are in danger of extinction...Protect Rainforest & you could win a World trip for 2!

!It will take just a few minutes for YOU to help! This Appeal can give permanent protection to ancient Rainforest, in Tararu Valley, New Zealand…

How it Works:

Make a Donation

You can contribute to protecting temperate Rainforest by:

  • Paypal
  • Credit Card (through PayPal)
  • direct Bank Deposit to USA, Germany or New Zealand
  • post Cash or a Check (Cheque) to any of our 10 global postal addresses

Give as much or as little as you can - minimum $2

Invite your Friends

This Appeal can only succeed if you spread the word:

  • Invite your friends with our simple online form
  • Put a banner link on your website, facebook, blog etc.
  • Email your friends your unique link code
  • Print our posters and get them out there!

You'll gain Prize-draw entries when the friends you invite also donate

Win World Flights

Whenever 2 of of your friends donate you'll automatically gain an entry in the Prize-draw. Each prize is 2 tickets, Around-the-World - worth a total of $5000 US.

  • 4 friends donate = 2 entries
  • 6 friends donate = 3 entries
  • 10 friends donate = 5 entries…

Why it Matters:

!More than 50% of all species on Earth are found in Rainforests, although these cover less than 1% of the Earth’s surface. Healthy forests are the 'Lungs of our Planet' and vital to all life on Earth.

interesting facts on nzThe Earth's forests are in crisis. We've already lost 80% of old-growth forests World-wide. According to the United Nations, more than 37.5 million acres of Rainforests are lost annually - an area the size of the state of Georgia, USA or the country of Cambodia. Worldwide extinction rates are accelerating and Rainforest species are being lost daily…

But, we believe that most people care deeply about our Natural World. Most people can give a little and have friends that can do the same. This is the basis for this Appeal. With your help, this Rainforest-Help Appeal can completely protect the Valley's ancient Rainforest.

We're not asking much… take action now!

"The loss of genetic and species diversity by the destruction of natural habitats is the worst of all possible catastrophes for the human race, worse even than economic collapse or limited nuclear war, because it will take millions of years to correct. This is the folly that our descendants are least likely to forgive us for.” ~ Edward O. Wilson, Pulitzer Prize-winning Professor Emeritus, Harvard University.

Tararu Valley Sanctuary, New Zealand

Tararu Valley sanctuary is a New Zealand Charity that exists to protect the Rainforest of Tararu Valley. By supporting this Appeal YOU will ensure:

  • • that a large area of New Zealand Rainforest is protected legally forever,
  • • we can build a special Pest-proof fence to restore a large area of Rainforest to prime ecological health,
  • • that we can provide a safe breeding site for numerous rare and endangered Rainforest species.

With your help, the Tararu Valley Rainforest will be permanently protected.

"It is the dream of a lifetime to see this forest permanently protected. That it could happen through this one fundraising appeal is incredibly exciting!" ~ Jon Traylen, Sanctuary Founder

Read the full letter from Sanctuary Founder Jon Traylen to find out more about why this Appeal makes a difference here.

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